Wild Card Draw! Every season I will whip a batch of one-of-a-kinds that are over dyes or mix-n-match color ways. You can call them unicorns, ooak’s or one-offs, but in the Texas Hill Country we feel that we are faced daily with unpredictable weather and adventure. Anything goes in a Wild Card Draw! and you will be the only one to have it in your stash.

COMING SOON: 2 Ply “Twisted” and a 3 Ply “Prairie Spun”, both products of the U.S.A.

Looking for vintage colors?

I do my best to keep formulas on every yarn I put out there, but there will be some that are a reflection of my bohemian moods. You can FOLLOW THIS LINK to the vintage colors. Most samples are shown in Merino 6/2 Gems.

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