Awen … Ahhhhhhmen

500 yards skeins…a trip down memory lane. And I love Awen. A la mode is inspired by Phrynie Fisher in the Murder Mysteries.


Gradients and Ombres

A couple years ago I put out a series of ombre’s in teals and burgundies. I was flattered to see something similar out at Yarnosphere. After all, you have to tackle the ombre at least once in your dying life. However, I was determined to try something different and introduced the Fauxmbre. They can be seen at Yarn del Sol™ in Mission Viejo, CA…because I didn’t photograph them!

Here’s my answer to the Ombre of old. A big thank you to my teacher here in Bandera for pushing me on this! These are not just gradients. And the next round of Ombres and Fauxmbres will be fun!

DSC_0936 DSC_0937

The Neutrals

Here’s where I am not sure if I was in the right mood for browns and greys. However, the light greys have cool undertones and the browns aren’t just plain old brown. Included in this photo op is the “view of the Guadalupe” and “Gladys.” Guadalupe sold the day I brought her in so this is a second round.



DSC_0218 DSC_0220

Orange Palette

For some reason I’ve gone antique. Here’s the additions to my color palette for 2014-2015!

New Palette

Merino 600


L = Long Color Change | M = Medium | MO = Mottled or Marbled

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Barley Hat

We made some modifications. I decided to use sport weight yarn on the hat. You can get the actual pattern at Tin Can Knits. So the mistake I made was counting the wrong number of stitches. I was sure I had 90. Then at the decreases it became clear that I was tired. I was not ripping with 100 stitches on the needle and 7 inches done. So I modified as follows: k8, k2tog four times then knit 13, k2tog four times. After that the decreases are pretty clear. You can my amendments via PDF or in the shop. Either way I love the patterns from Tin Can Knits because they showcase our Wonderwolle colors really well!