Sheepwalk Farm

Sheep Walk – a pasture or tract of land for grazing sheep. The Sheepwalk is a part of Suzoo’s as much as it is a part of Bandera, TX. We raise Leicesters, Jacobs, Suffolk, Dorpers, a Shetland, Lorpers and a Churro cross. My love for color has carried over in to my sheep. We are proud to have primary spotted and mixed brown wool sheep.

A special thank you to The Sheepwalk Farm benefactors Doreen, Sandy and Ellen. These cool ladies contribute to the feed and are owners of some of the sheep. Doreen and I started the sheep farm four years ago with Walter and Gus, two handsome Dorpers. Ellen is the Grandma of Tommy and Sandy is now proud Grandma to Uri, Magnus, Adah and Grete.


Villia is a Leicester Longwool x Dorper. Her coat is lustrous and wavy. She is blessed with multiple colors which makes her unique. 1st cut / 2019.


Pancho is the brother of Villia and shares the same cross. Yet, his coat is waxy and wooly! He is black with some brown edges. Soft too. 1st cut / 2019.


Magnus comes from Baize Shetlands and has a coat of many colors! There are hints of brown in the grey. Locks are approx. 5″. Pure Shetland!


Uri joined us Spring 2019. He is a Jacob from Agarita Creek Farms. This was his first shearing so his wool is down soft. He is also a bottle baby which means he loves his ears scratched too! 1st cut / 2019.


This lovely wooly is a Jacob x Churro and is one of our bouncy sheep. She practically clicks her heels when she’s happy. She is dual-coated. Underneath the long brown is a soft, black waxy wool. 1st cut / 2019.


This sweet gal is a Jacob. She has one blue eye. Underneath that wool coat is a wiggly, happy girl who loves to bounce. 1st cut / 2019.


Honeysuckle is a Leicester Longwool. She is so sweet and intelligent. Her locks reached 10″ in length this year. This year we will breed her to Santiago. 2nd cut / 2019


This is our Leicester Ram and father to the Lorpers. His locks can reach up to 10″. He comes from Fuzzy Ewe Farms. 2nd cut / 2019.


Agat is our newest addition and is a Suffolk. Traditionally Texans breed this sheep for its meat, but we love the wool. Agat’s fleece will be available 2020.


According to the Livestock Conservancy, “Miniature donkeys have been valued in the Mediterranean region for over two thousand years.” George means “He who works the land” and he is always by our side when we are doing our odd jobs.


Well, she may have the looks, but boy can this girl sing too! Come suppertime she takes the lead. Her Leicester x Dorper genes give her a soft, waxy coat.


Abigail is a Dorper and the best Mama ever. We love her and she has mothered two sets of twins. She was our first ewe and a bottle baby to boot. Abigail is also the inspiration for our Sheepwalk logo.


Dorper. This spotted boy is Uncle to many of our lambs. He’s hard to catch, way to smart for his own good, but protective of the babies. You can roo his wool and use it for felting. Multipurpose!


Well, she thinks she’s in charge, but this down/stay is for a good reason. She loves her sheep and will protect them to the end of time. Hard worker!


Our porch kitty is also the best mouser in town. He keeps it real on the Sheepwalk. He’s Chief in Charge of Critters.


Also known as Mama Kitty, Briggy is our farm girl. She never sticks her nose in places it doesn’t belong and has been a good friend to all the critters.


Her informal name is Joda because at certain times when her ears go flat, she really looks the part. Her job? Keep the big critters away from my little critters.


Aka Latte or Llama Llama, this funny girl has hip problems but nothing stops her. She’s clumsy, sweet and on a good day will let you pet her. You can tell by her smile that she’s pretty darn goofy.

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