Sacred Spirit

IMG_8116 IMG_8123

“The Spirit Collection is a collection of patterns each inspired by the spirit of a person, starting with Intrepid Spirit – a journey in lace that you do not need to be adventurous to take!…READ MORE

I CHOSE to knit with a sport weight hand dyed Fauxmbre yarn from my own collection. There was enough to get me through the 6 pattern repeats but I wasn’t going to make it through the cool lace section. So I altered the outcome a la Jennifer…


Binding Off with a crochet hook, using a single crochet. I knit the shawl on US 6 circs then switched up to a 7.00 mm hook.

Moving stitch my stich, you insert hook, wrap yarn, pull it through. Wrap yarn again and pull the yarn through the two stitches. This makes a nice loose bind off that will curl. Don’t fret. Curling can also be cool, but this can be blocked out!

Going back, *skip a stitch, SC twice then in next stitch, SC three times in one stitch. This creates a shell or fan. Repeat from 8 until all the way across. If you are type A then you need to just SC. You won’t end up with a perfect finish and that’s what makes Boho Chic…well, Chic

Final row I switch up to an 8.00 mm hook. *Chain 1 then SC every other stitch. Repeat from * until last stitch. I am not going further than this but if you are a wild card and have the yarn then do another row or two cool crochet!

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