Meet Tullia

Tullia, the Dragon

Tullia – Irish, Gaelic for “Peaceful”. Tullia is a peaceful dragon who wanders the fields protecting her people and friends. She’s a soft blue-green with a tinge yellow on her belly. She’s playful and fresh. Tullia never has to hibernate because she is a color for all seasons!

Thursday Color Uploads

Haven River

Laura Nelkin Designs –

Search “Haven River” pattern.

You can also get the download at Ravelry.


Medina River Fest

So this is a snapshot of the Medina River Fest. I was blown away by the Medina River. Looks a bit like a bayou and river. Can’t wait to drop the kayak in the water soon. The River Fest has all kinds of cool activities: water sports, old car show, BBQ cook off!!!! The smells alone were driving me crazy. Look but don’t touch! Not until after the judging. Holy smokes!

Fresh Perspective

I am loving Texas. My view is of a stony field filled with wild flowers and wildlife. The newest additions: Ashoken Farewell and Folk Soul.

The Sign is Here!



I am really excited about the signs arriving because it just sets me on that path to Bandera. Hey! There’s enough room for all of us fiber enthusiasts, yarnies and crafters. Make way for one more!


How to Garden Successfully Without a Rototiller!

I think this is cool to read. Was just telling a friend yesterday how I was eyeballing the tiller at Ace hardware but couldn’t get in to buying it…All I saw was a lot of labor involved. Good article!

Old World Garden Farms

Yes – it is true – in spite of popular belief – you can have a great garden without ever using or owning a rototiller!  In fact – your garden in the long run will most likely be better off without one.

Our no-till raised row garden Our no-till raised row garden

It is sort of a running joke among my family and friends about my lack of love for the rototiller (although, as you will see later in the article – they do have their place).  In fact, ever since I wrote my first article on the subject last year: Why Not To Use A Rototiller In Your Garden – the subject always seems to come up!  But the simple truth is that we do not use a rototiller to create or put our garden in – and have always been able to have bountiful harvests while creating great soil naturally.  See: How To…

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