Awen … Ahhhhhhmen

500 yards skeins…a trip down memory lane. And I love Awen. A la mode is inspired by Phrynie Fisher in the Murder Mysteries.


The Old Me

Okay, so for a month or so I have been in hiding mainly because if I put new colors out every week then it looks like I am trying too hard. Two, the colors all started to look the same to me. Plus there is the resistance to do things I have already done. However, I can do what I have done as long as I reinvent my own wheel. I rarely look at what others are doing because my brain has a way of taking snapshots. Flattered if someone else tries to do what I do. Often we all end up at the same place using different mapping systems. I am old school. I still use a highlighter and AAA map LOL 😉

Here’s a preview of 8 colors getting labeled and shipped to Yarn del Sol™

My fav is “Rusty Old Can” because that’s what I find all the time on the property…ahhhhh, snap shots!

Gradients and Ombres

A couple years ago I put out a series of ombre’s in teals and burgundies. I was flattered to see something similar out at Yarnosphere. After all, you have to tackle the ombre at least once in your dying life. However, I was determined to try something different and introduced the Fauxmbre. They can be seen at Yarn del Sol™ in Mission Viejo, CA…because I didn’t photograph them!

Here’s my answer to the Ombre of old. A big thank you to my teacher here in Bandera for pushing me on this! These are not just gradients. And the next round of Ombres and Fauxmbres will be fun!

DSC_0936 DSC_0937

Talavera is finally here…

To me what makes the Talavera style so beautiful is the whimsy and color play. There  is a picasso-esqueness to the lines and squiggles. I am still developing my  Talavera colors and I think it’s important that while I draw from the Talavera tiles and pottery that I also insert my own personal experiences in to the colors. There are 4-8″ color changes in these yarns.

Here’s the start….

Trick or Treat

TRICK OR TREAT…. is now available on Raverly (in English, Italiano and Deutsch.

“The final installment of the #KillerShawlCollection. I hope you have all enjoyed this collection as I did!!!!

Trick Or Treat is super awesome because I’ve used super amazing yarns from super amazing Indie dyers The Flying Kettle was used for TRICK and The Sheepwalk F.A.S.™ was used for TREAT!!! #acasalena_crafted 


Kid ‘n Ewe

This was my first year where I was a spectator at a show! It’s important to me that I stand back and let my yarn shops or fiber studios bring me in and then I support them in other ways. This year it was about Comfort Crockery and Loom Room! Roci has been really kind to bring me in. Her unwavering faith has put  a small fire in my heart to continue on with felting kits and fun yarn colors.

Weavers are a unique group of artists because they are not limited by the texture or density. This means they will blend Burly Spun with hand dyed mohair….eyelash with mottled merinos. Gradients have a different outcome than rainbows. While I prefer to not warp or weft, I do get excited to see the outcome!

The collection of photos are of Roci’s booth. You can find my fiber and yarns now at Comfort Crockery, Comfort Texas! Heads up: Comfort Loom Room site is in the works.


Hill Country Retreat


March 18 – 22

The Sheepwalk F.A.S. will be teaching the first two days of the retreat. We will be dying our yarn for the project Wednesday or Thursday. No knowledge of dying yarn is required.  The class explores the very basics since the we are focusing more on product than process this first retreat. I will have yarn available at the shoppe as well.

Sandy, our knitting teacher is working up the samples and getting ready for the Interesting Entrelac with Alternate Endings. The knitting portion of the retreat has been designed to meet the needs of advanced beginner to advanced knitters. Portions of the class will be covering useful techniques.

In order to keep your end cost down I have opted NOT to book the rooms for you. I have been working with Natalie Barnard at A Place to Stay in Bandera. She has been extremely helpful. She has solutions for individuals as well as our group travelers. 

What’s Included? Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Thursday Night and all your Classes. 

Cost for the Retreat is … $425.00**
**I have been researching and researching to make sure that you have the best experience possible as well as the freedom to see the sites and experience the antiques! The price includes your yarn for the project including any additional yarn needed for completion of the project.



Here Comes Santa Claus…

Well, I have been very careful to not create so constantly because everything just looks the same after a while. However, I have been promising for months that I would do a Christmas skein. My “Old Town Parade” was a hit and I worked hard to set the colors so that knitters would not spend half their project wondering “will it? won’t it?”

This beauty “Here Come’s Santa” will be available in three weighs, medium and long color ways. Limited time only.

Here Comes Santa

Here Comes Santa