Obviously I am not getting rid of my sheep. I was told by a competitor who was just a friend at the time…”totally ditch the sheep.” Right. So That would make it just a name. And now Abigail goes with me every where I go!

What’s new? Well for starters I am raising Dorpers and my mascot is Abigail. She has black polka-dots on a white fluffy body and is by far my favorite first Ewe. Probably because I bottle fed her. I have decided to define myself as The Sheepwalk Hand Dye Studio since most of my design work is under the Suzoo’s Wool Works hat. And now to explain how this all works.


Suzoo’s Wool Works is the Mama company: knit, crochet, felt, weave, hook, spin, appliqué, demonstrate and create! During my time in California I created my hand dyed yarn line which has grown in to fiber and wool fabric. The Sheepwalk was my epiphany two years prior to her creation. I was sitting in the office in our little apartment in Oberwart, Autria when I decided to ask the question…”what would my name be if I was a yarn shop?” By chance The Sheepwalk just happened. I typed in the words several times and each search brought me back to one really great definition. The Sheepwalk is the path the sheep take to market! And, a hand dye business was conceived, two years later born and here we are 10 years later in the Texas Hill Country moving forward.


With the muted tones of winter nearly gone, I find myself surrounded by bright colors of wildflowers and native grasses. This green ombre woven scarf is my way of kicking off the warmer months! I used sport weight super wash merino from my collection of bohombres!

Whatever your craft, ENJOY! CREATE!

And what is to come?….Well, Suzoo’s Wool Works and The Sheepwalk™ FAS are doing great. Yes they are run by me and that’s because Suzoo’s Wool Works is a wool works! You can buy other types of yarns, take classes and attend retreats. Here’s the latest…

You can get hand dyed wool fabric, fiber, and yarn from The Sheepwalk™!