Keeping Colors Sorted

Shopping the Sheepwalk has not been easy. I must apologize. It is always a firm belief that I never compete with my shops, but now that The Sheepwalk is home at Suzoo’s once again, the policies have changed.

You can always email me with your inquiries. Either way I will want to check in and make sure you get the correct yardage or if you need any variations.

Second option, check the most recent colors at the top. There is an active link on some images for PayPal.

Note: Any order placed online is considered custom and should be so. This is your one-of-a-kind project!

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A Brand New Year

I love 2018. Why? We have our tables set up at Suzoo’s. There’s a comfy home for The Sheepwalk. My new and old friends are bringing us ideas for new classes, how to keep things lively and this makes me want to jump for joy! I have stepped aside for this years Bandera Fiber Arts Retreat as teacher so that I can learn from Dwanna Whitener the Redding Method of dying. This is going to be a game changer for those of us who love to play with color, texture and fiber!

My epiphanies for 2018 are The Shetlanders which takes me home. I love all things Fair Isle, wooly and potentially Scottish. Many of the samples knit for the shop are influenced by the Nordic, British and Celtic traditions. You can find Jamiesons yarn here and now with the help of Tina, we will have a color works mixer with 100 and 200 yard put ups in the fingering Merino 6/2. Most colors can be custom dyed in to the standard 600 yard skeins too.

Meet the Shetlanders: 01 being the darkest to 07 to the lightest! And don’t forget to catch a glimpse of my first of the Fair Isle series “New Mexico Way”!

Spreckled Pink!

Well, I finally did it. I broke down and did the one thing I said I didn’t want to do. No, these aren’t sprinkles. These are touches of color that make a mottled color pop with unexpected lights and darks. The first batch are heading over to the Kilted Weaver for a sample and the worsted is up for grabs.

100% Super Wash Merino, 6/4, low twist, 185 yards, $14.80 per skein. Purchase online!


In Full Color

22196411_1542521759125156_7348695950873581297_nWe have been thrice blessed by finding this storefront. When I left the Loom Room abruptly it meant taking the whole shop with me. For the first time in three years Suzoo’s Wool Works and The Sheepwalk would be together again. I had opened up a shop in the Old Forge then was moved to the Bakery. From there, I had two wonderful years at Gone Quiltin’ with the rest of my yarn at The Loom Room.

October 2017 Rose of The Saltwater Weaving Co. and I joined forces. A move I will not forget! So we hope to see you soon and remember that this means I can custom dye for you, work with your color schemes and help you plan out projects. Yahooooooo!!!!!


Jennifer Kulick

Shiny Things

I love, love, love this yarn base. Merino/Tencel blend in fingering weight ~ 10/2 equiv. for warping and AMAZING. Colors are richer, shine is shinier and the minimal elasticity means you can warp or knit with this yarn which is why it has been named:

Fingering ~ 10/2 Low Twist
600 yards – 4 oz. approx
$40.00 retail

(My camera and the light are not cooperating. Hues in larger swatch are most accurate.)


The naming of colors is a difficult matter.
It isn’t just one of your every day games.
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter,
But a yarn color must have a very unique name.

This series is focused on the subtle hues of the beach communities. Everything starts out bright and vibrant, but the long days in the sun create the awesome fade leaving us with some mottling.





This Summer I will have my first mini Trunk Show at Sheared Sheep in Newport Beach, CA. The featured color is “Newport” but there will be a plethora of brights to earthys to go through. I will also bring a few Wild Cards with me as well!


AUGUST 8-12, 2017 • Starts 12 pm

Show starts after Noon and ends mid-afternoon on Saturday. 


Sheared Sheep has been a part of my story since 2014. Peggy has opened her doors to my color ways making yarn accessible to the locals who knew me at Suzoo’s Wool Works. For this, I am extremely thankful.

There will be light refreshments on the patio from 12-3.

Note: There will be a class in the store. Thank you for understanding!