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You probably wonder why the heck I would cross a pure bred with another pure bred. It’s not because we get cute babies. Or, because we have lost our minds. Crosses can serve us well when we don’t have access to all types of… Continue Reading “LEICESTERS, LORPERS & LUFFOLKS”

Keeping Colors Sorted

Shopping the Sheepwalk has not been easy. I must apologize. It is always a firm belief that I never compete with my shops, but now that The Sheepwalk is home at Suzoo’s once again, the policies have changed. HOW TO ORDER You can always… Continue Reading “Keeping Colors Sorted”

A Brand New Year

Meet the Shetlanders: 01 being the darkest to 07 to the lightest! And don’t forget to catch a glimpse of my first of the Fair Isle series “New Mexico Way”!

Spreckled Pink!

100% Super Wash Merino, 6/4, low twist, 185 yards..

In Full Color

We have been thrice blessed by finding this storefront. When I left the Loom Room abruptly it meant taking the whole shop with me. For the first time in three years Suzoo’s Wool Works and The Sheepwalk would be together again. I had opened… Continue Reading “In Full Color”

Shiny Things

Colors are richer, shine is shinier and the minimal elasticity…


The naming of colors is a difficult matter. It isn’t just one of your every day games. You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter, But a yarn color must have a very unique name. This series is focused on the… Continue Reading “Newport”


This Summer I will have my first mini Trunk Show at Sheared Sheep in Newport Beach, CA. The featured color is “Newport” but there will be a plethora of brights to earthys to go through. I will also bring a few Wild Cards with… Continue Reading “Newport”

Kid ‘n Ewe and Llamas too (and Alpaca)

Silk, tencel and any other natural fibers you can think of too! Kid ‘n Ewe is a local event that promotes the fiber arts and production industries in Texas. It’s a place to learn, buy product and create!

New Logo Look!

Obviously I am not getting rid of my sheep. I was told by a competitor who was just a friend at the time…”totally ditch the sheep.” Right. So That would make it just a name. And now Abigail goes with me every where I… Continue Reading “New Logo Look!”