Shiny Things

I love, love, love this yarn base. Merino/Tencel blend in fingering weight ~ 10/2 equiv. for warping and AMAZING. Colors are richer, shine is shinier and the minimal elasticity means you can warp or knit with this yarn which is why it has been named:

Fingering ~ 10/2 Low Twist
600 yards – 4 oz. approx
$40.00 retail

(My camera and the light are not cooperating. Hues in larger swatch are most accurate.)



    1. Well I was timid this time around because of the tencel BUT I had to make the merino the focus. It was an expirement that went well. I will be adding “Warped” to my yarn bases and then 8/2 and 10/2 Tencel to start. I’d love to dabble in 20/2 but that is so fine and really limits my audience to hard core lace makers and weavers.

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