9 Ways To Take Your Self-Sufficiency To The Next Level

I have friends who have done this!


Image source: Gharwalegroup.com

By Savannah H. Off The Grid News

Perhaps you’ve been researching the lifestyle of self-sufficiency for a while. You’ve started growing a garden, have a small flock of chickens and have begun living your life in a more frugal manner. So far you’re really enjoying the lifestyle change — but you yearn for more.

Here are 10 ways, in no particular order, you can “level up” how self-sufficiently you live.

1. Completely Move to a New Area

This is an obviously huge lifestyle change but often a common one for those on the path to homesteading and self-sufficiency. You can live fairly independently in an urban setting, but nothing beats having some land for your own purposes, even if it’s just a couple acres.

If you feel stuck in terms of progressing in this new lifestyle, it might be time to consider making a move to…

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