Sacred Spirit…Boho Chic

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“The Spirit Collection is a collection of patterns each inspired by the spirit of a person, starting with Intrepid Spirit – a journey in lace that you do not need to be adventurous to take!…READ MORE

I CHOSE to knit with a sport weight hand dyed Fauxmbre yarn from my own collection. There was enough to get me through the 6 pattern repeats but I wasn’t going to make it through the cool lace section. So I altered the outcome a la Jennifer…


Binding Off with a crochet hook, using a single crochet. I knit the shawl on US 6 circs then switched up to a 7.00 mm hook.

Moving stitch my stich, you insert hook, wrap yarn, pull it through. Wrap yarn again and pull the yarn through the two stitches. This makes a nice loose bind off that will curl. Don’t fret. Curling can also be cool, but this can be blocked out!

Going back, *skip a stitch, SC twice then in next stitch, SC three times in one stitch. This creates a shell or fan. Repeat from 8 until all the way across. If you are type A then you need to just SC. You won’t end up with a perfect finish and that’s what makes Boho Chic…well, Chic

Final row I switch up to an 8.00 mm hook. *Chain 1 then SC every other stitch. Repeat from * until last stitch. I am not going further than this but if you are a wild card and have the yarn then do another row or two cool crochet!

The Crossover

The crossover for me is when the knitter transcends the pattern and begins to see all kinds of patterns. Changing the edge, altering the body of the work, figuring out that pattern A would fit to Pattern B with some adjustments. Thank you Christine for sharing your gift with us…

Christine uses a mix of talent: Alice Starmore, Elsbeth Lavold and Elizabeth Zimmerman.