The Old Me

Okay, so for a month or so I have been in hiding mainly because if I put new colors out every week then it looks like I am trying too hard. Two, the colors all started to look the same to me. Plus there is the resistance to do things I have already done. However, I can do what I have done as long as I reinvent my own wheel. I rarely look at what others are doing because my brain has a way of taking snapshots. Flattered if someone else tries to do what I do. Often we all end up at the same place using different mapping systems. I am old school. I still use a highlighter and AAA map LOL 😉

Here’s a preview of 8 colors getting labeled and shipped to Yarn del Sol™

My fav is “Rusty Old Can” because that’s what I find all the time on the property…ahhhhh, snap shots!

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