Family Heirlooms

We were talking about this the other day…This also reminds me of Oma in Austria.


Recently I had the inspiration from one of my “blogging friends” to sit down and look at the crochet work I do, and the pieces of crochet work and doilies I still have that I received from my Mom, Grandmother and great Grandmother over the years.

It was a truly inspirational trip into history for me.  Looking at the crochet work all together in one place, one only realizes just how different each women’s style was, and just how very much it reflected on her personality through her work.

I remember my great Grandmother as a stunning English lady, that was very proper.  I will always remember how we children were only allowed to have our cooldrinks on the back porch, and not in the house.   I don’t have many pieces from her, but this pineapple doily is one that she made.  From the fine and delicate work, and…

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