Kid ‘n Ewe

This was my first year where I was a spectator at a show! It’s important to me that I stand back and let my yarn shops or fiber studios bring me in and then I support them in other ways. This year it was about Comfort Crockery and Loom Room! Roci has been really kind to bring me in. Her unwavering faith has put  a small fire in my heart to continue on with felting kits and fun yarn colors.

Weavers are a unique group of artists because they are not limited by the texture or density. This means they will blend Burly Spun with hand dyed mohair….eyelash with mottled merinos. Gradients have a different outcome than rainbows. While I prefer to not warp or weft, I do get excited to see the outcome!

The collection of photos are of Roci’s booth. You can find my fiber and yarns now at Comfort Crockery, Comfort Texas! Heads up: Comfort Loom Room site is in the works.


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