Forge Flame!

I have been away from my blogging duties for a week or so now because I have found a home for my yarn. At first, I thought … working farm, dye studio and showroom…but then I looked upstairs at The Olde Forge and asked Lesley what she was going to do with that space. Turns out that the space was heaven sent. Windows everywhere, doors to outside seating upstairs and downstairs and LOVE EVERYWHERE. I boasted via Mailchimp that I was moving to Texas for a really good reason…LOVE. Bandera is filled with some great people and plenty of BIG HEARTS!

This is a special skein for the Olde Forge.



  1. Congratulations on your yarn’s new home. Beautiful colors in the yarn. When we lived in the area in the late 90s the Forge was still a working blacksmith’s forge with the bar outside. Love that old building.

    1. I am going to dig deeper for photos because I can’t find a thing on the internet. That or I am not typing in the right keywords. Good news is that one of the guys in the Bandera Cattle Co. works with the historical society. I’d love to see what this place looked like. Lesley has really put a lot of love in the place and I can tell she’s just getting started.

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