Cape Kiwanda

I want to be there just to sit and listen to the waves.

The Blue Brick | Inspired Yarns

©Shireen Nadir 2014

Cape Kiwanda is a photographer’s heaven. Which made it twice as annoying that the first time we went there, it was covered in an impermeable, pea souper of a fog.

©Shireen Nadir 2014

Here’s an example of how bad the fog was; there is an iconic rock formation on this beach called the haystack. It’s no tin-of-biscuits either; it’s 330 feet tall. I walked around like a tourist inquiring of people where I could find the haystack rock, only to have them look out to sea and offer me a friendly, noncommittal shrug.

©Shireen Nadir 2014

We still tried to shoot. We climbed the sand dune and endured pretty severe (for the cameras) wind gusts filled with stinging sand grains. The conditions were difficult and dangerous, and we gave up after about an hour.

©Shireen Nadir 2014

The next morning we came back again and were astounded to see the rock, exactly where folks said it was! That really drove…

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