A day to wind

Not unwind, but definitely rewind…

No, it was not a day to unwind. It seemed like all I did was wind up, wind down, rewind. In between all this I always wind up with some good noise on in the background. The noise du jour was “The Way” with Charlie Sheen. As I wound the yarn up to dye, I kept thinking about all the Peregrino’s I have met along this life’s journey. Yes, there are two pilgrimages I would like to make: Ireland (Ancient Irish trails) and El Camino de Santiago. I would go to the sea. When asked why I made the journey my response would be, “To see some old friends.”

Along yesterdays journey I finally found Doreen’s color. We have Brigitte, Valerie, Wendy. Even the Esperanza and that French girl have their own colors. Let’s not forget Grisette!

Doreen is an antique rose. Danish Mermaid was feeling much lighter yesterday so I didn’t push her further. Easter Chimes was and is always an experiment in what happens if I put Color C over Color A & B. The Róisín Dubh has been on my mind since I worked in Boston. She was right around the corner from the advertising agency where I worked. The Lovers…no matter how many times I tried to make that skein look refined, the strands would get all tousled and kinky. So let’s just say The Lovers are very happy as they are 🙂

P.S. It was fun just sitting outside under the stars letting the lightning bugs entertain me. Every time I put the camera up to capture the little bugs, the lights would go out. So I will just enjoy the sparkling entertainment sans modern technology.

P.S.S. The Dogleg Coffeehouse makes a one brilliant caramel

Hand made goodies…tried the ham/cheese scone this morning with peach & ginger tea. Was given a taste of the caramel….They’ll be catering my parties for sure!


    1. Well, I miss my community for sure. It’s different here but that’s because I am still doing the work to build Suzoo’s a nice little shack LOL The insulation and drywall are going up this week. Then we need to build a cover for rain and a deck so we aren’t knitting in dirt. Fence for sheep etc. Loads of fun!

  1. Jennifer I accidentally deleted the picture of the three yarns. I was looking and dropped the phone. What I did see they look deeper in color. I think I really liked Mexican sage the best. Could you send the pictures again. Sorry about that

    Sent from my iPad


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