How to Garden Successfully Without a Rototiller!

I think this is cool to read. Was just telling a friend yesterday how I was eyeballing the tiller at Ace hardware but couldn’t get in to buying it…All I saw was a lot of labor involved. Good article!

Old World Garden Farms

Yes – it is true – in spite of popular belief – you can have a great garden without ever using or owning a rototiller!  In fact – your garden in the long run will most likely be better off without one.

Our no-till raised row garden Our no-till raised row garden

It is sort of a running joke among my family and friends about my lack of love for the rototiller (although, as you will see later in the article – they do have their place).  In fact, ever since I wrote my first article on the subject last year: Why Not To Use A Rototiller In Your Garden – the subject always seems to come up!  But the simple truth is that we do not use a rototiller to create or put our garden in – and have always been able to have bountiful harvests while creating great soil naturally.  See: How To…

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