The Big News

So in the way things go, I have discovered that delays in getting my yarn leads to new endeavors. I texted my helper bee and told her the good news. “Guess what?” I said. “The Merino Cashmere is going to become our main theme for the next month.” This means more winding, more dying yarn, more winding, and then tagging the yarn. It’s all a process. The more you give of yourself in to your dream the more you can get out of it. 

Here’s the COMING SOON part:

Cierra Collection

Caismír DK
Caismír Dance

Caismír is the Irish Gaelic word for Cashmere. Everybody knows Merino for being the most versatile and popular of wools out there. With a touch of cashmere and nylon, you also get luxury and durability. We all deserve to feel good in what we knit.

Olann Collection

Amhrán grá Sock

We have all been guilty of listening to love songs. Yet, we are moved to dance when we are truly in love (with you, another, your experience). Feel this love from the top of your head to the tips of your toes in Amhrán grá Sock yarn.


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