Meet Puck! (by Boo Knits)

Yarn & Needle: Cierra Caismir DK, 250 yards per skein, 1 skein each color, US 10 needle (for looser gauge)

Pattern: Puck by Boo Knits

I am a huge fan of Boo Knits, among many of our designers. Boo just knows how to write a good pattern that is modern and vintage. It’s really all about the yarn too. This time I decided to try her pattern “Puck” for my Merino Cash Dk hand dyed yarn. This is a new texture for me since I usually cringe at super soft yarns. The masses want softer, softer, softer. Softer is not always better. I find that a lot of the yarns out there tend to pill or fluff faster. However, this Merino Cashmere blend has the bonus of a little nylon. Believe it or not, the nylon gives the yarn more durability.

The pattern calls for three colors, 250 yards each. This is my WIP! Look it up! Puck by Boo Knits


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