WIP: “Stay Awhile”

So I had two issues arise this week….1) what do I do with 600 yards of yarn? and 2) what pattern am I going to use to knit up my red, white and blue. The answer to question number one is….enjoy the yardage! Save the leftovers. Make a hat, a linen stitch scarf, funny looking mittens. There are so many projects that call for bohemian color schemes. More of the projects out there want 552 yards of yarn. So chances are you won’t have much left over.

Question 2 was much easier to answer. Ask the Universe the same question. Keep it in the back of your mind. Visit Ravelry several times and don’t give up hope that the right pattern will show itself. Voila! “Stay Awhile” by Inspiration Knits. I probably could have created something out of the thin air, but the trouble is in the color way. Do you go 100% patriotic or do you antique your color by adding some je ne sais quoi? The latter choice was the best option since I love antiques. So the color way will be called “Small Town Parade.”


Small Town Parade – Long color changes
Limestone – Mottled



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