How to Garden Successfully Without a Rototiller!

I think this is cool to read. Was just telling a friend yesterday how I was eyeballing the tiller at Ace hardware but couldn’t get in to buying it…All I saw was a lot of labor involved. Good article!

Old World Garden Farms

Yes – it is true – in spite of popular belief – you can have a great garden without ever using or owning a rototiller!  In fact – your garden in the long run will most likely be better off without one.

Our no-till raised row garden Our no-till raised row garden

It is sort of a running joke among my family and friends about my lack of love for the rototiller (although, as you will see later in the article – they do have their place).  In fact, ever since I wrote my first article on the subject last year: Why Not To Use A Rototiller In Your Garden – the subject always seems to come up!  But the simple truth is that we do not use a rototiller to create or put our garden in – and have always been able to have bountiful harvests while creating great soil naturally.  See: How To…

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Moving Home…

So it’s official. Suzoo’s Wool Works (The Mother Company) and The Sheepwalk Fiber Arts Studio are moving to Bandera, Texas. Wooohooo! This has been a long time dream of mine to get back to the farm life. Everybody has a dream and I strongly encourage you to write it down, make a gratitude list and do the work. ‘Cause I couldn’t get to Texas without doing the work. We will be working fast to get the barn up for stopper by’s and front porch sittin’. My tea is chilled and it will sure taste nice sipping between repeat rows. Just don’t forget to mark down which row you completed in case if you get side tracked with site seeing and bbqs! I will soon have a list of all the yarn shops in our area. There are 11-12 shops for sure along with Comfort Crockery/The Loom Room in Comfort, TX. 

Klose Knits, Urbana, IL
Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Irwindale, CA
Tanya’s Girls Garage, Vicksburg, MI
Tinsmith’s Wife, Comfort, TX
Yarn Del Sol, Mission Viejo, CA

Here are some cool links for my viewers:

Image  Image


There is also a Scots Fest in Round Rock for the plaid maker’s, a renaissance faire north of Houston mid November and loads of antique shops. Just around the corner from Bandera is a winery. Of course, I am going to encourage you to get a slice of pizza over at Comfort Pizza!

Hermione upside-down

For my sock knitters….


I knit socks toe-up. When I decided to master the art of sock-knitting I was drawn to the idea of being able to try them on as you go. This has turned out to be a good thing. I knit socks on skinny 2mm (US 0) needles and only need 60 stitches to get a snug but not tight sock. Sometimes I have to fiddle with a pattern but most of the time that works out alright. Knitting a pair of Hermione socks upside-down is no big challenge. At first I was going to knit this yarn as plain come-as-they-will stripes but there are plenty of patterned Hermiones on Ravelry. They are textured socks rather than lacy or cable-patterned socks – it’s a kind of expanded moss/seed stitch and I think it works well with these stripes. This time it was particularly serendipitous that I knit my socks starting at the toe…

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The Big News

So in the way things go, I have discovered that delays in getting my yarn leads to new endeavors. I texted my helper bee and told her the good news. “Guess what?” I said. “The Merino Cashmere is going to become our main theme for the next month.” This means more winding, more dying yarn, more winding, and then tagging the yarn. It’s all a process. The more you give of yourself in to your dream the more you can get out of it. 

Here’s the COMING SOON part:

Cierra Collection

Caismír DK
Caismír Dance

Caismír is the Irish Gaelic word for Cashmere. Everybody knows Merino for being the most versatile and popular of wools out there. With a touch of cashmere and nylon, you also get luxury and durability. We all deserve to feel good in what we knit.

Olann Collection

Amhrán grá Sock

We have all been guilty of listening to love songs. Yet, we are moved to dance when we are truly in love (with you, another, your experience). Feel this love from the top of your head to the tips of your toes in Amhrán grá Sock yarn.


Felted Flower and Vase

I have a couple of girls working on my hand dyed fiber. The first round of dyed fiber was vibrant colors. We started with a felted votive then Debbie went home and created a flower. She set her mind to creating a flower and the photo reveals the fruit of her labor. I just love this!