Sheepwalk hits Ravelry finally…

I am very embarrassed that it has taken me two years to get this work done. This was just supposed to be therapy or a hobby with some meditation involved in my defense. Sara at Ravelry has been so kind and the designers have been really patient with my blunders. Apparently dying yarn, updating websites and not eating don’t mix. The link is as follows….

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Don’t forget we will be having a trunk show this weekend! 

This is an exciting time for The Sheepwalk because magical things are starting to happen. We will be represented in the O.C. by a really cool LYS. News to be posted soon….


Knitting on an Edging…..

this is just too amazing for words….

Le Tissier Designs

Waves rolling in at Saratoga Beach! Waves rolling in at Saratoga Beach!

…. is like watching waves roll up on a beach.  The waves roll in and roll out and some go further and some are slower.

An edging works up to shawl and then away from the shawl.  Some rows are longer and some are shorter.

Both watching waves and knitting on an edging are hypnotic!

Happy Knitting


The edging is 25% done and the shawl has opened up enough to see the flow of the patterns. The edging is 25% done and the shawl has opened up enough to see the flow of the patterns.

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The Road to Comfort

The Sheepwalk and Suzoo’s Wool Works is moving to Comfort, Texas, as some of my followers know. The Texas Hill Country has blown me away with its diversity and odd weather patterns. I was happy to see maple trees and red cardinals amidst cactus plants and lizards. The colors are a dream come true for a dyer and gardener. Half the challenge is the water and the earth. I will have to figure out how to work with the harder water to dye my yarn and fibers. Even more challenging is learning how to work the soil so that I can grow veggies and flowers. There are loads of rocks in the soil. This is a challenge Gus and I are willing to take on.

The best news is that yesterday Wendy posted an informal introduction on my behalf. I will start with kids classes and hopefully offer some adult classes later in the year. We will offer a basic dye class as well. However, not until September when the earth cool a little.


Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 4.58.32 PM


Two for the road…

I have been working with Christine again on her next project. She is a color work master now. The Welsh Dragon is in the works. Next will be the Koi Fish project. The red and the brown are complete. Next to dye are the green and the orange. The beauty of such a project is that we come up with new colors on the journey to the right color for each project!

View of the Guadalupe

View of the Guadalupe