Modeled Colors…and Olann

By the way, I am totally grateful to Laura for bringing this to my attention. Thank you!


The meaning of Olann

Olann is the Irish word for wool and it is the inspiration for and primary material used in the yarn we dye. I tend to pull from my Scots Irish, Welsh and Austrian-by-marriage roots. Since our single ply sport and worsted are 100% wool, I felt it was right and proper to use a pretty name…Olann. My ancestors would agree 🙂 Next…

Mottled v. Modeled

So I received a positive feedback today reminding me that I really need to double check my descriptive words before publishing. Wearing too many hats in the business can lead to laziness. For a few months now I have been producing modeled colors. I guess the colors have been modeling for some time. Thankfully they don’t have expensive hourly rates. Only my super model colors.

At The Sheepwalk we produced yarn with long color changes, medium color changes (less striped and more pooled), mottled color changes (splotchy or marbled – I checked my dictionary to be sure of this!) and sometimes we have nearly solid colors. I rarely put the solids online because they are usually scheduled for a color change since the point of “hand dyed” is to make the yarn look…well, hand dyed.

For the savvy passer-by’s, we like to use several techniques to get our colors the way they are. Some cases require a paint brush and a steady hand to avoid spotting or dripping. Other cases require days of staring at the yarn until we find the right complimentary color to make that boring skein look like a super model.


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