Remains of the Day Hand Spun

The beauty of this is that I have not really spun yarn in over a year. Last night I took home my wheel knowing full well that my Mom’s cat was going to see this as an opportunity to get killed…by me. She’s so adorable. I just think she was definitely a border collie in her past life by the way she hers my hats and fiber around the house.

So the first of my hand spun yarn is from the yarn color way “Remains of the Day” formerly known as 6:14 pm. This is Jill’s baby. We tried to get a more sophisticated spin by keeping our color ways as simple on the fiber as possible. The end goal: less wild card and more modeled. There’s still some flecky and stripey stuff going on, but that is the nature of the spin beast. Next time I will dot my i’s and make sure to align the lights with the darks.

Image       Image

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